Disney characters have brought joy to children and adults for generations

Disney characters have brought joy to children and adults for generations

When we think of this character we usually picture the finished product that the artists spend hours and hours to complete. The process of creating the final image that is traditionally seen on a Mickey Mouse t shirt is clean and professionally tailored to the finest detail. The clean lines and perfectly proportioned features take time to produce but the final product is wonderful.

Some artsy people understand all of the work that goes into designing an icon for a Mickey Mouse t shirt. This character seems simple but he is actually very difficult to draw without having everything mapped out. Many people think that the artists magically wave their ink pens and create the perfect image for the Mickey Mouse t shirt in a few flawless strokes.

Nothing is further from the truth. Creating such an image is an ongoing process that may take more than one artist to complete. The sketch artist is usually first in the Mickey Mouse t shirt assembly line. The job of this professional is to sketch out the image. This sketchy step includes creating the measurements and scale for the design.

The sketch artist finishes the rough drawing. The clean-up artist is next in line when this step is complete. The job of the clean-up artist is to erase all of the sketch marks on the page created by the initial artist. This process is just as demanding as creating the original piece of work. We are one step closer to our Mickey Mouse t shirt once the clean up artist readies the sketch for the colorist.

The last step in the drawing process is the inking and coloring. The inking includes creating those confident, clean lines we commonly associate with the image on the Mickey Mouse t shirt. Of course, the color is the final touch to the beloved character’s image.

I recently came across a Mickey Mouse t shirt that was really unique. It seems that the manufacturer chose a design that skipped the clean up artist’s step in the process. The result is a colorful but very sketchy image. I love this look and I love that Disney has produced a number of these character t shirts for everyone to enjoy. Which one did I pick? The Mickey Mouse t shirt, of course.