Freeview Television

Freeview Television

Do you want to receive additional TV channels for your viewing pleasure, without having a dish installed or having to pay a monthly subscription?

Then ‘Freeview’ is the answer!

So, what is Freeview?

‘Freeview’ is an alternative to Sky TV, and is already available and being broadcast to approximately 70-80% of the UK to date. (If you would like to check if you are in a ‘Freeview’ coverage area, please visit our website and go to the ‘Freeview’ section).

Unlike other digital services (satellite & cable), there is no monthly subscription or fee required, with approximately 40 TV stations, ranging from family entertainment with the likes of E4, ITV2 & 3, BBC3 & 4, News & Lifestyle channels (QVC & UKTV Bright Ideas). There is also entertainment for the children with ‘CBeebies’ & ‘CBBC’.

Additionally, also available are 20 digital radio channels, including Radio 1 & 2, to ‘Smash Hits’ & ‘Kiss’.

The main attraction of ‘Freeview’ is the channels available are free, however, for a small monthly fee, the Top Up TV service can be obtained through a compatible ‘Freeview’ receiver, to include channels such as Cartoon Network, UKTV Gold, Discovery Channel and more)*.

Will I need to upgrade my equipment to receive Freeview?

Firstly, most viewers will need a ‘Wideband’ digital compatible TV aerial. Whilst a ‘Wideband’ aerial is generally required to receive the full range of channels available, the amount of channels received may be subject to the transmitter and local factors (i.e. trees, buildings or any obstacles).

Secondly, you will require a ‘Freeview’ Set top box, or a ‘Freeview’ integrated digital television, available from many retailers.

With the ‘Freeview’ receiver correctly tuned into your television set and connected to a compatible digital TV aerial, you will now be able to enjoy the additional channels provided through your set top box

* Please note, to receive the additional channels via Top up TV, you will require a card slot on your ‘Freeview’ receiver.

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