CD Printing And Packaging

CD Printing And Packaging

During the compact disc replication process, there is an extraordinary amount of work involved in preparing the disc for presentation to the public. The compact disc master must first be developed before copies of the compact disc can be pressed. After this phase of the replication process, the replication center will begin to personalize the disc with various artwork.

Each part of the compact disc will have some sort of printing on it. The compact disc itself will have a disc face, which is actually a compact disc label. This compact disc face will usually contain digital imaging and a songs list on it if it is a musical compact disc that will be sold in stores after it has been produced.

The number of colors that will be used in these images will up to the discretion of the person getting the work done. On average, replicating businesses will start their color offerings at three color offset printing choices, and could expand up to five depending on what the image is and the type of printing that is chosen.

The compact disc is usually packaged in a thick plastic casing and printed inserts are included on the inside of the case. The inserts are available in a variety of styles, but the most preferred styles are the two-panel inserts. Major record labels sometimes require four-panel inserts to be used, and might expand the requirement to include 6-panel inserts if the musical lyrics for all songs are included.

Some music enthusiasts try to cut cost on their compact disk replication cost by choosing to adorn the front insert with one basic title, and leave the rest of the insert a neutral color. Some business offices might prefer to create plain white inserts with no printing on them at all because they do not want to incur additional costs that come with adding printing to a compact disc insert.

Some people choose to have the compact disc face applied in a silk-screen. While digital imaging has been proven to be significantly better, some people are not interested in having high quality images placed on the center of the compact disk. Other people prefer to duplicate their disk at home, and use their own ink jet printer to create the various images. There are a variety of compact disc labels available that are offered in a wide range of color choices, and these are reasonably priced.

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