Creating Jazz Music

Creating Jazz Music All over the world people have invented their own interpretation of Jazz by creating new music from their soul, yet branching out to expand the capabilities of the music of their culture. Jazz around the world must always begin with examples of various music. The main traits of the styles of music …

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Music Piracy and the New Musician

Music Piracy and the New Musician Today click-and-download technology presents a greater threat to the music recording industry than all other past music-delivery technologies combined. Music piracy exists in 3 different planes: Illegally mass-manufactured pirate music CDs Illegal copies of legitimately purchased music CDs Illegally downloaded digital copies of recorded music A recent research study …

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Music Plants and Music Do your gardenias grooves to Gershwin or your marigolds melt to Mozart? Perhaps your peonies perk up to Pavarotti and your roses rock out to the Ramones? There is much speculation in the scientific community, but many gardeners swear music will revive wilting plants and urge flowers to bloom. In 1973, …

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