Tri Beads

Tri Beads

Beading is currently becoming one of the fastest growing forms of art. People of all ages and sexes are now considering it and many have turned it into passion and even into a tool for a very profitable business.

Although a popular pastime, beading is not an easy venture. In the first place, you need to think about a particular design in order to develop a piece. Aside from that, beads now come in a number of forms. They vary in terms of color, sizes, shapes, and styles. They also differ according to the amount attached to each and every bead. With this, it’s no wonder that every bead artists pay attention greatly to the kinds of beads they take and the design they wanted to make.

Of all the bead variations available on the market these days, one particular type stands out as common, yet exceptional – the tri beads.

The tri beads are actually not a new trend. Fact is, they have been around for a number of years now. Hundreds of jewelry and craft stores have in fact been offering these beads for the artisans to consider. And, with more and more people running after these materials, more and more stores are now emerging to provide you sets and packages of tri beads.

Speaking of stores, the tri beads can now be found either offline or online. You can walk or drive to the nearest craft outlet in your town and there’s a strong possibility that you can find sets of tri beads out there. If you don’t want to spend hours driving to the craft store near you, there is a great move for you to do and that is to go online. As you may know, thousands of stores are now operating out there on the web to give you the best line of products of possible. Well, of these online stores, more than a hundred are jewelry and craft stores that sell tri beads. The best thing to know about shopping for these items online is that you can do the task even at the comfort of your own home.

The tri beads are used for different artistic purposes. Some take sets of it for jewelry making projects, while others consider the beads for making their own pieces of art, like crochet and bead knitting. Many artists also use the beads for decorations for Christmas and other special occasions.

There is one characteristic that is unique to tri beads, that is, the three rounded bumps that are set around the hole where the string passes. These three bumped beads connect each other when strung in a consecutive manner. What’s nice to know about them is that they make an attractive and elegant design in a single piece and this elegance can be attributed much to the variation of its colors. The tri beads basically come in the colors of red, clear and green, but they can also be dyed to achieve more combinations of shades. Perhaps the most stunning color ever dyed on the tri beads are golden and silver, the reason that most of the tri beads are now utilized for Christmas crafts.

Oops! Note that because of its three rounded bumps, the tri beads are known by many as the propeller beads.