Where To Find Contemporary Art Auctions

Where To Find Contemporary Art Auctions

There are many choices available today if you are a contemporary art collector. Whether online or offline, depending on your budget and preferences, there are a lot of places where you can buy contemporary art

If you are a serious contemporary art collector, pay a visit to your local fine art auction house. They usually have a schedule of the list of contemporary art to be auctioned on any day as well as some background information on the art pieces being auctioned.

If you do not have the budget or can’t find an art auction house near your neighbourhood, get online and there are also many sites offering a wide range contemporary art auctions.

There are many art galleries who have taken their art pieces online to help people decide whether a particular style of contemporary art suits them. Just search for art galleries on google bring up nearly 1000 different art galleries from around the world showing their contemporary art collections.

Another place I like to visit is online auction sites like ebay.com and bidz.com. They have a wide variety of contemporary art to choose from and their prices does varies from one seller to another but generally, it is pretty cheap.

I know many new artists use ebay and other auction sites as a way to get their contemporary art seen by many people. Since their art is still unknown, many art galleries may not be willing to place their art pieces on sale in their galleries.

However, I do advise caution on online art auction sites since there are many fakes art pieces on auctions. Some sellers are honest and acknowledged it is an imitation. However I brought some contemporary art pieces which were not what the seller claims it is.

If you are a serious art collector or collect art for investment but do not have sufficient knowledge, I would advise getting a art appraiser to help you. This is particularly so for expensive contemporary art collections as you do not want the risk of buying a fake art work. The extra cost is worth it.

The internet has opened a whole new way of buying contemporary art, letting people choose and compare various contemporary art collection from different artists, new or famous in the comfort of their homes. You are also able to buy contemporary art from other countries and cultures easily. Distance and language barriers are not a factor in today’s world.

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