The True Value Of The Ipod

The True Value Of The Ipod

“If music be the food of love, play on.” Ah, that William Shakespeare – he really nailed it with that line when it comes to the world’s love affair with music. We need it, as it is the essence of our very survival, and we, as humans, can never get enough of it. Our appetite and desire for music will never be satisfied, so why bother fighting the urge? Give us more, and we will ingest and enjoy it gleefully.

Now, when Shakespeare coined that phrase, he was probably referring to someone playing a lute, and not listening to ye old iPod. However, if there is a common thread between Shakespeare’s declaration that we all require music and the world’s favorite portable MP3 player, it is that the iPod, because of its incredibly convenient design, can constantly feed the world of its hunger for tunes.

Anyone who is on a quest for new and excellent music knows how valuable the iPod is for reaching that goal. Download something you’ve always wanted to hear onto your iPod, and an instant discovery has been made. A new band that you’ve always wanted to check out is now in your iPod and waiting for you. To link it back to the opening line of this article, if you find it pleasing, you ask for, and seek out more. And if you find the taste of that particular band unpalatable, you simply reject it and move on to the next item on the music buffet line. Either way, the hunger is always there, and the iPod is always ready, willing and more than able to attempt to satisfy it.

More than just feeding from the computer, the iPod also shares its music goodies through community. If you are an iPod owner, and you locate another iPod owner, chances are, if you ask that iPod owner for a listen of what’s on his or her iPod, that iPod owner would be more than happy to share his audio bounty with you. There is a common bond between iPod users that directs them to share their music with other iPod users. Now, while contained in a local neighborhood, the selection of songs my be stale, the international and universal appeal of the iPod presents an unlimited feast for the ears and the soul. If you ever find yourself in another country with your iPod and locate a local with their iPod, ask to exchange songs. They may be more than willing to do so, and you will enjoy an instant sampling of the local music cuisine!

Shakespeare was dead-on (as usual), about his definition of our need for music. Eating the same food over and over again, while providing the necessities of life, does not deliver the joys of it. Listening to the same music over and over again will eventually tire out the soul and the ears. We need to try, and listen to new things, and the iPod is the perfect international restaurant located on our computers to go for a sampling!