The Boston Ballet Company

The Boston Ballet Company

Heard about the Boston Ballet company? Seen the Romeo and Juliet, The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, and the Swan Lake performances on TV or in Boston theatre? The Boston Ballet company has performed such plays and has gained accolades from millions of spectators worldwide. But, what about Boston Ballet? What is interesting about this company?

The Boston Ballet company was founded in 1963 by a professional ballet dancer named E. Virginia Williams. Since that time, the company has been known as the first professional repertory ballet group in the New England, and it was only under the management of its artistic directors, Violette Verdy, Bruce Marks, and Anna-Marie Holmes that the company’s reputation has grown nationally and internationally, and even worldwide. It is interesting to know that at present, the group is highly considered as one of the leading ballet companies in the whole world.

The Company’s Mission

The Boston Ballet company continues to create a remarkable impact in the field of arts and culture as it continues to uphold its brilliant mission. Speaking of mission, the Boston Ballet primarily aims to introduce new levels of excellence to the dance both onstage and offstage. As maintained by the company, they will accomplish such mission by using a process that would be creative, educational and inclusive in scope.

In terms of creativity, the Boston Ballet company seeks to develop certain new ways and approaches to develop the art of ballet, while preserving and maintaining its legacy. With that aim, the group tries to do some examinations and presentations of the dance in new ways. Along with that, they have tried to developed certain techniques that would appear new to the audience, allowing the voice of the choreographers to be heard and known.

The Boston Ballet company also aims to provide processes that would be educational. Educational in the sense that they have tried to present the technical and artistic elements of the art of ballet, including its music, and the other related theatre art forms for the people to be aware of what sets the art of ballet unique from the other forms. In addition to this, the group works hard to develop new ways of teaching ballet to those who wish to learn the basics and the principles behind it. All of these are considered for them also to produce a new generation of excellent and remarkable artists, so to expand their population.

Finally, the Boston Ballet company aims of inclusion to make the people aware and be able to access the art of ballet. They then do expansions and demonstrations to the artistic communities and try to open strong commitments to the diversity of their audience, staff, students and artists. They also consider this inclusion to be able to attract new audiences.

The Success

The Boston Ballet company has attained greatest achievements in their chosen field. They have performed a lot of successful performances throughout the world, and have gained remarkable accolades from their audiences. What’s more, with the generous supports shown by a number of funding sources, the Boston Ballet company was able to strengthen its position and reputation in the society, no wonder that today it is known as a world-class ballet company that thrives anywhere in the world, locally, nationally or internationally.

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