Las Vegas Golf Course

Las Vegas Golf Course

Summary: Even if it’s an arid desert town, it isn’t surprising that Las Vegas would have an ample amount of golf courses available.

Even if it’s an arid desert town, it isn’t surprising that Las Vegas would have an ample amount of golf courses available. After all, it’s the entertainment capital of the world. If world’s entertainment capital should have massive casino complexes and a chain of designer shops, it shouldn’t be a wonder if there would also be golf courses. Even if the annual rainfall on 4.49in is on the poorest level with humidity frequently lower than 10%.

Yet despite the fact that it receives the least amount of rainfall, multitudes of golf courses have sprung up in this Nevada desert. And not only that, some of the Las Vegas Golf Courses have one of the best challenging holes and the most imaginative aesthetics available. Here are some of the best the Las Vegas Golf Courses that you should check out.

Painted Desert Golf Club
5555 Painted Mirage Road
Las Vegas, NV 89149
Call: 702-645-2880

Even in the harshest arid conditions and ceaseless sun, Painted Desert Golf Club’s soft and undulating green is so majestic that it is considered the best maintained Las Vegas golf course. And despite being located in the entertainment capital and having the star quality of world renowned golf courses, it is way cheaper than most first class golf courses, like, say California’s Pebble Links.

Challenging landscape also offers a hefty test to golfers. Painted Desert shows a deceptively open fairway. Yet the moment you blast away then you’d realize how on earth you got out of bounds. Further ahead, a situation calls for daunting water clears that can really make you queasy.

Painted Desert Golf Club deserves an acclaim not for being situated in Sin City, but for its classic characteristics reminiscent of celebrated golf courses. Truly it’s something unexpected, and a pleasant surprise too to find an excellent and down to earth Las Vegas Golf Course in the midst of over priced Las Vegas glitz.

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club
20 Rhodes Ranch Pkwy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148
Clark County
Call: 1-800-470-4622

It’s even surprising that Las Vegas golf courses like Painted Desert Golf Club and Rhodes Ranch Golf Club existing in the midst of a city known for its hedonism. Yet they do and they promote wholesome values. Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is a pure reason why you should plan the next vacation event in Las Vegas. Don’t worry about those neon lights, at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club; country life existed right through the very soil. Take a picnic around the vast landscape or do play golf, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is all family affairs.