Rubber Stamping Brayering Ideas

Rubber Stamping Brayering Ideas

Brayering is one of the most popular techniques involve in the art of rubber stamping. Many artists, in fact, consider the brayer as the most versatile tool ever designed for stamping projects. It can be applied to almost every medium available, be it a paper or wood.

Being an important art tool, brayering is used by almost every stamper. It works basically for creating backgrounds on a single piece of art. Although it can be used for wood or block applications, the technique is said to work best on paper, the reason that it is now applied in card making and other paper crafts.

There are a lot of things to know about brayering. Fortunately, a wealth of rubber stamping brayering ideas is now made available for the public to note. Much of this rubber stamping brayering ideas talk about the basics of the techniques, while others deal much on the most advance methods involved. In both cases, amateur and professional artists value the ideas’ worth knowing that by learning everything about brayering will help them create and produce art crafts that are superb in quality and style.

In most of the rubber stamping brayering ideas you may gather and learn around, it is typical for the technique to involve proper cleaning of the brayer itself. This is the most important thing to do prior to the final application. So when searching for some rubber stamping brayering ideas, expect to meet cleaning, which simply holds the notion that to properly clean the brayer, you should roll the brayer over a clean and wet towel. Wipe the brayer dry after, and try to use a stamp cleaner to dry residues of ink.

Apart from cleaning, expect also to find steps and techniques for using inks. The rubber stamping brayering ideas may tell you to use a rainbow ink for a good start. When doing this, it is important that you keep your brayer turning on both sides. This movement will ensure shades that are even on your brayer and on the paper. However, if you are doing the stamping and brayering on a much wider paper, re-inking is a must as it is possible for a few rolls to need more colors.

The rubber stamping brayering ideas may also teach you how to use solid inks. The use of markers may also come out as helpful. These applications are highly carried and suggested by most rubber stamping brayering ideas for the reason that they can create more stunning and unique effects.

There are a lot more interesting things to know about brayering that you may learn from reading and noting rubber stamping brayering ideas. You might also encounter ideas about creating a bubble or marbling effect on your paper, still with the use of your brayer.