Benefits Of Owning An MP3 Player

Benefits Of Owning An MP3 Player

When you look around nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to find 1 0r 2 in a group of 10 without a gadget. This is not about mobile phones, but gadgets e.g. mp3 player, iPod and other what-have-yous.

MP3 players for one have not just become a fad, but a must-have for almost all that have a passion for music or those who just love listening to their all time favorites over and over again. Way back, it was all about walkman. Who would forget those portable silver or black rectangular thingies where cassette tapes are played?

Today, it’s all about convenience, the smaller, the better. With the rapid advancement of technology, gadget companies like Apple came out with music players that no longer need CDs or cassette tapes. The Apple iPod sold like hotcakes when it first came out and it still is highly in-demand in the market. Both the nano and the shuffle are tiny that they would fit any one’s pocket. Prices also vary on the memory and number of songs that can be stored. Apple also tied up with Bose to come out with the Sounddock Digital Music System. It plays music directly from the iPod and charges the device while playing, ensuring an uninterrupted music sequence.

Another basic portable is Creative’s MuVo. It has a 128 Mb memory and only weighs an ounce. Talk about light. Unlike other MP3 players, all the settings for this one are done on the PC since it has no display. The only options on the device are fast forward, repeat and rewind.

Bill Gates didn’t want to be left behind of course. Microsoft came out with its Zune MP3 player in 2006. Wearable just like the other players, it has a 30 GB built-in hard disk drive and comes with a big bright video screen that works either in portrait or landscape mode. Aside from Zune to Zune wireless sharing, the player can also automatically import most music, videos and pictures from iTunes and Windows media player. Zune is one of the new MP3 players released in the market.

A flash MP3 player on the other hand is the type that doesn’t need a wire or a wireless interface to be able to store music. The unit itself is directly inserted to a USB port, just like data flash disks. The first of this kind is the iRiver iFP-195T, which was also the first one to have a 512 onboard memory.

To those who have yet to get their MP3 players, a lot of MP3 player reviews are can be found in the web. Said reviews include images, specifications and a list of mp3 player accessories and headphones. Some sites even have their own top 5 MP3 player list.

MP3 players have made life easier for music lovers. Gone are the days when one has to spend for expensive CDs and carry those bulky music buddies in a bag. These players have definitely changed the course of music appreciation and music gadgets.

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