Importance of Cartoon logos in your business!

Importance of Cartoon logos in your business!

Cartoon logos are images or symbols depicting certain characters and conveying the desired message in a light-hearted manner. They are not only funny but at the same time appealing and can generate excellent brand image recall. These logos speak in a unique language of their own. This is entirely based upon the expressions and colors used by the artist in line with the customers cartoon logo design brief. They can be multi dimensional and shaded to give a real life impression. One thing is for sure – Cartoon logos never fail to please any person of any age group.

No matter how serious the thought; it gets conveyed in the lightest manner possible to the public. Many a times cartoon illustrations and cartoon characters are very effective in quickly and compellingly communicating community issues e.g. in public health, education, etc. Who wouldn’t want to see a memorable logo depicted by a cartoon (cartoon logo) that lays emphasis on core values like integrity, governance and compliance without having to go into the seriousness of the message?

Cartoon logos, cartoon characters and mascots convey the message with a child-like innocence. Many psychologists will agree that people like to associate themselves with their childhood. The innocence and curiosity inculcated in our minds through cartoon logos takes us back in time and enables people to view the products/services being emphasized in the message through the eyes of a child.

Cartoon logos are a humorous way to represent ideas and concepts. If your company wants to lay emphasis on its culture and virtues creating product cartoon characters, brand cartoons and mascots could be an excellent approach – The expressions of a character who says it all without having to essentially speak. In today’s time when technology is so advanced, man has become a machine; this human aspect is almost invisible. Work pressure and stress have led to the deterioration of the mind and body. It is very important to have an element of humor to be present in life. Cartoon logos bring about that human touch in day to day life. One tends to stop and think for a while that life is not all about work, there is need to be play and fun along the way.

Once a thought is depicted through this medium, people are motivated by curiosity and are inspired to gather more information. No other way is more effective than a funny thought that can initiate a spark to bring about a change for the welfare of the people.

A company should, besides developing a cartoon logo consider drawing illustrations, cartoon characters and mascots to enforce their brand message and company philosophy.

Generally cartoon logo is customized by experienced artists, illustrators and cartoonists. These artists could both be freelancers or working for a graphic design company or even a website design and development company.

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