Heartbroken Poem – To Help Get Over Him

Heartbroken Poem – To Help Get Over Him

When you break up from someone you may find yourself at times reading heartbroken poems, quotes or even listening to break up songs. Reading poems and quotes and listening to break up songs can help to comfort you during this difficult time but they won’t actually help you to get over your ex or to get back with him.

If you would like to get back with your ex then forget about the heartbroken poems and start taking some steps to mend your broken relationship. You may read some of the following steps for getting your ex back and think that they would actually make things worse, but love isn’t always as it seems. Love doesn’t always follow logic.

The first step to get your ex back is to accept the break up and accept that you both need some time apart. This time apart may let him realize that he wants to be with you. During this time apart don’t call or text him and certainly don’t send him any heartbroken poems. This is a difficult time and a difficult step but it will be for the best result in getting this relationship back together.

Don’t sit around wallowing in self pity as this will just lead you to reading those heartbroken poems and listening to those break up songs. This is the time that you can begin making some changes that might help to heal your broken relationship. Have a good look at what might have gone wrong in your relationship and see if it is something that you can change. If you aren’t willing to make some changes then perhaps this relationship is finished for good.

Letting your ex know how much you are hurting and how much you still love him sounds like the right move to make if you want him back, right? Wrong! Sending him a heartfelt letter or a heartbroken poem may actually do more harm than good.

If you write a heartbroken poem you are writing it at a time when you are full of emotion and not thinking straight. Your ex may read the poem the wrong way and not get the true meaning of how you are really feeling. The words you right will probably be very powerful but you may unintentionally include some that might be hurtful to him. Your ex may also take such a poem as emotional black mail and this could make him defensive and actually push him further away.

By sending him a letter or poem it may look to him as though you are still not concerned about the actual issues that drove you apart. He might feel that you are being selfish and only thinking about your own feelings and dismissing his feelings and needs. If you have broken up then there must be a reason for it and that reason needs to be addressed before the relationship can be healed.

Give him some space and take this time to re-evaluate your own life. Take this time to think long and hard about this relationship and if it is actually worth saving. If it is, then find what went wrong and then find a solution to that problem. You need to remember though that it will take both of you to make changes and work on the problems in the relationship and if your ex isn’t willing to do that then you may be fighting a losing battle.

Remember that love doesn’t always follow logic and even though you just feel like sitting around wallowing in self pity, this is not the best action to take. Even though you feel like writing down all your feelings in a heartbroken poem and sending it to him, this is not the best action to take.

A broken relationship will take time to heel and you need to give your ex the space and time that he needs, that you both need, so you can successfully put the pieces back together.