Age Doesn’t Matter!

Age Doesn’t Matter!

Hearing is the main function of our ears. Listening, on the other hand, is using our ears in order for our minds to receive information. Listening skills are important in almost all aspects of work, not to mention leisure. In leisure, we are fond of listening to our favorite songs and poem. Even back when we were so young, we’d sleep late just to be able to listen to the happy ending to the story our parents would read to us. As you can see, we’ve been listening and at the same time absorbing information all our lives. That’s where audio books become so useful, not just for leisure but also for work. Audio books are significant to the lives of the children, adults and even the elderly. Here are some reasons why.

Toddlers and Kindergarteners

Studies have shown that children at this age are rapidly developing. This simply means that all their skills, including listening skills, are practiced more intensely at this age. With audio books, they could easily learn the alphabet, songs, numbers and most importantly, pronunciation. Another good thing about audio books is that parents no longer need to sleep late just to read story books to their children. Parents can just play the audio book until the child dozes off. Some audio books also have dramatized versions of children’s stories.


Students can benefit a lot from audio books. After studying using audio books, you will realize that you have never saved this much time studying before. This is because while you are studying, you may also do something else that does not need much thought. However, if you really want to understand the topic faster, you may read a book while listening to the unabridged audio book version. To make sure, take notes and replay it if you still don’t understand the lesson to ace the test.

Adults and Elderly

Businessmen, if not all adults, are usually seen scurrying along sidewalks carrying a cup of joe on one hand and a briefcase on the other during early morning rush hours. This just goes to show that in this fast-paced life that we live in, who would have the time to read the books that you want? This is where audio books come into the picture. Since audio books are available in all sorts of formats, getting your fix of best-selling novels is no longer a problem.

Some elderly people who just can’t be left idle can grab some of their favorite classic novels in audio book versions down the local library. They can listen to them while walking the dog, traveling and even while gardening.