Zune: The Real Scoop

Zune: The Real Scoop

During these hard times, smart buys are rare and very hard to find. One such smart buy is the new Zune portable multimedia player, the latest offering from Microsoft. This nifty player has since made waves in the market. No wonder, when it has excellent functionality at a very affordable price.

Soon It’ll Just Be Zune

Predictably, the famous rivalry between Microsoft and Apple has now extended to portable multimedia players with Apple’s iPod and Microsoft’s Zune. Even more predictable is the non-compatilibity of multimedia files between the two players. After all, they each must do everything they can to thwart competition.

Switching from the iPod to the Zune may be a bit confusing at first, and no, music and videos downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store will definitely not work with a Zune. You can download Zune software, however, to make the transition easier for you. And if you’re wondering why you should bother, unlike the iPod, Zune has FM and – brace yourself – Wifi capabilities. Enough said.

Zune You Can Groove

With a minimum amount of fuss, Zune music downloads can easily be had, regardless if you’re a MAC or PC user. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want and where to get it. With over six million – and counting – music files, Zune Empire is one such source. After a short sign-up process with Zune Empire, you’ll be ready to groove to the music in no time. The software’s setup is painless, and if you’re very much technologically-challenged, you can get step-by-step support.

Depending on file size, Zune music downloads are actually pretty quick. Obviously, the larger the file, the slower the download. On a 56K modem, a 3-minute song can be downloaded in as little as seven minutes. And if you have a high-speed Internet connection, well, you can just imagine how quickly you can get your favorite tunes into your player. What’s more, you can play the same tunes on your computer with a Windows Media Player 7 or higher.

Zune You Can Watch

Apart from music, Zune Marketplace downloads also offer movie and video files, so you can download and enjoy movies from any genre. Suspense, science fiction, romance, comedy – you name it, and Zune can play it.

With this software, you can also watch your DVDs from your player. It’s just a matter of converting the DVD format to the required format. The process is easy enough, and once again, there’s support offered to technically-challenged individuals.

Zune You Can Enjoy

Apart from Zune music downloads and movie downloads, Zune Empire’s software also include other helpful applications to make your experience worthwhile. There are tools to make your downloads easier. You can even burn your downloaded music and movies into a CD or DVD.

Indeed, with Microsoft’s latest 80GB multimedia player, Zune has come and it is here to stay. You will no longer be idle ever again. With this player, a long bus ride or an even longer wait at the doctor’s office can even be – dare I say it – enjoyable.

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