Having A Las Vegas Wedding

Having A Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas is a very popular place for couples to get married, especially couples in America. If the couple is getting grief about being together or getting married then they usually plan to elope to Las Vegas and have a wedding there. They are quick weddings and all you need is two people there to witness the wedding, you don’t need to be dressed up or anything, but you can be! You can have a glamorous wedding at one of the top hotels in Las Vegas if you have a lot of money behind you, the smaller weddings are usually performed at what is like a drive through wedding service.

Las Vegas is casino central in America, they have the large flashing lights, the nude ladies dancing and the lights that take your breath away… Las Vegas is a marriage hot spot.

A Las Vegas wedding is somewhat controversial, some people call it cheesy others call it class. You can get anything in America fast food, fast drinks and now a fast wedding, parlours are all over Las Vegas where you can quickly pop in and a minister or a court official will make your marriage legal and that is that, for a small fee of course.

Then there is the great weddings that take place in hotels like the Plaza. These weddings cost a fortune and an arm and a leg to buy and they are very, very worth it. A Las Vegas wedding with a white stunning gown, hundreds of flowers and the man or woman of your dreams has got to be one of the biggest wedding fantasies, you then spend a night in the honeymoon suite together and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon by visiting the sights and sounds of Las Vegas.

Can you just image standing in front of hundreds of guests wearing a long elegant white dress holding the most stunning bouquet of flowers you have ever seen, then walking towards the man of dreams down a plush red carpet and all your guests staring at you, the lights from the chandelier hitting of your diamond earrings and necklace, welcome to Las Vegas!