Visual Effects Art Degree

Visual Effects Art Degree

Visual effects are everywhere. We see them on television, on line and even in the theater. We also see them on billboards and advertising in print media. Visual effects are those which capture our attention in a dramatic way and force us to take a look at a certain product or idea. Those individuals who work with these sort of eye catching effects are trained to know what will catch our eye after they have attained a visual effects art degree.

Using visual effects is an art form. There are many different types of visual effects that can be used in a vast array of media. The purpose of visual effects is to draw your attention to a page, billboard, product or something online or on television. This is not to be confused with an advertising campaign. There are all sorts of reasons why visual effects are used in print media, although many of them have to do with advertising. A visual effect is almost like a slap in the face. It quickly gets your attention by the use of something drastic from which you cannot turn away.

There are many different outlets for such visual effects that can range from photographs to special types of drawings or even lettering. Billboards are great outlets for visual effects. Because billboards are often seen on highways and people do not have time to read them, it is important that they pack a good punch for the passing motorist and give him or her something to remember.

Visual effects are also important in the print media. Many ads just feature a photograph and nothing more except the name of the product. This is one way of advertising without driving home a point. It is subtle and the visual effect of the add conveys what the advertiser is trying to say.

Someone with a degree in visual effects should be self confident, have a vast knowledge of all aspects of art including photography and graphic design, and not be afraid to take a chance on a wild notion. Although this is not the career for everybody, it can be quite lucrative as a successful visual artist will generally be in high demand. And there is nothing more satisfying for anyone with a creative streak than to know that their idea is being portrayed to hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis.

Visual artists, like most artists, also have to have thick skin. What is seen as genius by some may be seen as pointless or weird by others. Not everyone will “get” the statement you are trying to make with visual effects, but this is the nature of the beast. This is not a career for someone who is thin skinned and takes every rejection or criticism to heart. Be prepared to be criticized because your visual effect is going to have to go out on a limb in order to be something that will attract attention.

A visual effects art degree can be a great investment into ones future if they are the type of person who does not mind taking chances, is uniquely creative and really likes to make a splash. It can be fun, exciting and one of the most rewarding art careers one can have.

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