Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club is an authentic, high-energy band of indie rockers that was formed in 2005 in Toronto Canada. It began as a group “get-together” in the ordinary town of Newmarket, when Dave Monks, Greg Alsop, Graham Wright, and Josh Hook who were in a previous band who broke up some months before, decided to play music again together. They gathered in the basement of Josh’s house and started creating songs virtually by chance; with no intention except to bring back the good feeling they had when forming music together.

When summer came, Tokyo Police Club had started slowly playing in shows in the area of Toronto; shows that impressed the rather few people who attended. The band was just about to go their different paths in the fall, when an invitation came to play in the Pop Montreal festival. Tokyo Police Club spent the entire week plunged in music, with the entire days of the week spent wandering Montreal’s streets by day, and rehearsing piercingly at night in the smallest of places, a university residence room. To top it off, the Tokyo Police Club’s show was sold out to an audience who saw them play for the very first time but was essentially interested in their music. After a several weeks, the four guys decided to take the path of their most indefinable dreams, a shot at the music industry.

The band didn’t waste any time; they immediately went down to business and played a series of shows in Toronto which earned them an exuberant standing for live shows that were unrestrained, energetic, and exciting. By January, the day Dave Monks got back for good from college, the band signed up with Paperbag Records (a venerated Toronto label) to launch the band’s debut EP in Canada. By April, another record was released entitled Lesson in Crime. The succeeding months was spent on the road, carrying along the optimistic trademark of post-pop wide-eyed music to audiences throughout Canada and US, creating more followers along the road.

Today, Tokyo Police Club is perhaps among the best bands that bring out the different side of rock genre, with their raw and captivating music-style mixed with hitched beats that provides a positive soundtrack to today’s anxious times. The band has definitely made a big impression in the music industry these days, and as described by Exclaim as “a four-headed beast of tunefulness”.

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