The Top 10 Cell Phone Wallpaper Themes

The Top 10 Cell Phone Wallpaper Themes

The technology age is considered by many to be one of the most cold and impersonal. With communications devices that allow for so many people to interact without ever meeting face-to-face, this reputation might just be well earned. When it comes to cell phones, however, there are ways to help make the personality shine. Individualized cellular phone wallpaper is one such way.

By allowing a person to take an object that’s pretty basic, boring and even a little cold and impersonal and make it truly their own, cell phone wallpaper puts touch of personality into the mix. These individualized backgrounds for cell phone screens can be as funky, crazy or sentimental as a person might desire, too.

Wallpaper works by replacing the set background on a phone screen. Some phones might allow for the setting of multiple wallpaper choices. For example, a different wallpaper setting for each caller, or just a single screen that shows up all the time.

The theme options for cellular phone wallpaper designs are pretty amazing, too. The key word is choice, and there is no lack of it. Major theme groups for cellular phone wallpaper include:

* Movies. Many movie companies offer cellular phone wallpaper downloads to fans. Depicting a scene from a person’s favorite flick, these downloads are generally free, but might some with a small charge.

* Super heroes. These are quite popular in the cell phone wallpaper category. Superman and beyond, they can all be found in wallpaper form. Some of these downloads might cost a few dollars, but there are free options, too.

* Animals. People with a penchant for a particular kind of cat, dog, horse and more can find wallpaper to fit their personal tastes. The animal arena for wallpaper is strong and ever growing.

* Music. Many recording artists offer pictures of themselves for download as cell phone wallpaper. Whether it’s album covers or headshots of the artists, they can be found for cheap or free download.

* Action, hobby scenes. The choices for hobbyists are flourishing with everything from skydiving to car driving being features as wallpaper background for phones.

* Guys and gals. Images of models and heartthrobs can readily be found for wallpaper use.

* Landmarks. Fans of particular places will often find just the right wallpaper to suit their individual tastes. From historical landmarks to beautiful landscape scenes, the choices on this front are many.

* Television shows. The little screen does get even smaller. Television themed wallpaper is a hot commodity as fans rush to features their favorite shows each time they use their phones.

* Video games. Characters from popular video games are often favorites on the cellular phone wallpaper front.

* Personal photos. Some phones offer users the ability to set their own wallpaper choices. This can be particularly easy when there is a camera onboard. All it takes is a snap and then assigning the photo to serve the purpose.

Cellular phone wallpaper is a favorite for many people as way to show off their individual personalities. By offering a way to make each phone a little distinct and different, these wallpaper downloads are becoming quite popular. How wallpaper works exactly will depend on the phone in question.