The Magic Number For Your Keyboard Success

The Magic Number For Your Keyboard Success

Are You Looking for a Magical Solution?

Are you struggling with trying to figure out how to play well?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by so much to practice, so little time?
Are you looking for a way to know what to practice so that you will improve quickly?

An adult student named Liz told me that she finds that she can’t decide what to practice because there are too many choices.

Sue often complains that although she’s learned many songs, she can no longer play them.
She’s frustrated because she loves practicing her new pieces every day, and wishes she could pick up something from the past and just play it.
Has this happened to you?

It’s Not Rocket Science

When the young man asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”
the elderly New Yorker responds, “Practice, practice, practice.”
Notice that the word practice is stated three times.

It takes 3 weeks to establish a good habit, but only 3 days to lose it.
Every time you focus on one specific musical goal for 21 straight days, you will establish a new keyboard success habit.

Establishing Your Keyboard Success Habit

Here are the three things you need to do to establish your keyboard success habit.

1.Make a choice

Success does not come from practicing all of your songs, exercises and/or classical pieces all the time. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for this.
In order to get great results, you need to pick one piece that you really like and want to learn to play well. You will still practice your other music, but now you have selected one special piece that you want to master, memorize or both.

2.Focus on your number one priority

You need to practice your selected special piece every single day. Sometimes this will be the only thing you practice. Other days, when more time is available, you can give attention to your other musical material. The most important thing is that you concentrate single-mindedly on your number one priority: to practice your special piece daily.

3.Make a commitment and stick to it

Promise yourself that you will keep your commitment to practicing this one special piece for 21 consecutive days, just three weeks. You will amaze yourself when you hear how much better you sound. Your confidence will improve too!

Action Exercises

Here are three steps you can take immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, select one special piece, practice it every single day for three weeks. All of your other music can receive your attention after you focus on your number one priority.

Second, remember that once you see the great results of your efforts, you’ll be so excited that you’ll repeat this process with another one of your favorite pieces.

Third, take this method up one more notch by practicing your special selected piece every day for three months. Your musical success is guaranteed!

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