The Emerging Art Of Panic At The Disco

The Emerging Art Of Panic At The Disco

Right now Panic At The Disco is one of the most influential and original bands on the world music stage. The Panic At The Disco sound is unique and virtually unmistakable with everything from the winding rhythm to the fast and full lyrics blending together to create a sound you can’t help but get sucked into.

Their touring and recently released debut album has given this band a pretty decent fan base. The Panic At The Disco album is consistently full of fast paced and hard hitting music that sounds like no one else’s and is always true to their original selves. As any fan will tell you, these guys just won’t disappoint.

Besides the amazing instrumentations that forms their music there is something more that makes this alternative rock group standout. This something is their words. Panic At The Disco lyrics are easily distinguished from anyone else’s because of their rich descriptiveness and their hard hitting style. Panic At The Disco lyrics are written into a catchy and captivating meter that makes you want to absorb every word. And their lyrics are almost always sung out with a not so subtle hint of malice.

Completing their often imitated style are there collection of short films. Panic At The Disco videos are so highly stylized that they are almost impossible to put into words. Their music videos capture the essence of their songs better than most and the blatant and in-your-face imagery compliments their lyrical style quite well. Make no mistake, Panic At The Disco videos aren’t flashy commercials full of over-choreographed dancing and eye-candy. Their music videos are pieces of modern moving art, full of intriguing characters and situations.

Panic At The Disco was formed a few years back by a group of high school friends who shared an interest in all the same kinds of music. What began as imitation became evolution and creation until they had their own unmistakable sound. Panic At The Disco has based itself in Las Vegas and are finally on the road touring the country on their own.

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