Just what is Acapulco Orange?

Just what is Acapulco Orange?

Summary: Acapulco Orange is the recently released and self produced debut album by Infinite Helix. Acapulco Orange is also a cocktail recipe consisting of tequila, Benedictine liqueur and orange juice

What is Acapulco Orange? No it’s not heaven in the Mexican sunshine. Neither is it the name of an Acapulco fruit though literally an orange seeded in Acapulco can be called Acapulco Orange. What is Acapulco Orange is instead the name of the recently released and self produced debut album by Infinite Helix.

Infinite Helix is a band that is composed of Madison lads who have sculpted their sound from the ground to its present level. The result of this painstakingly sculpted sound is a message of unrequited love and mayhems of politics to the streets. Sounds familiar? It is since this Madison lads have grown reveling at the shadows of legendary greats of rock music like AC/DC, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Marilyn Manson, NIN, The Doors, The Who and Nirvana.

Just as eager to establish themselves as a serious act and not the usual flops, the band Infinite Helix makes it a point to do what they are required and willing to do. Such commitment can be noted with this Acapulco Orange album which only took 2 years to complete.

The music of Infinite Helix’s Acapulco Orange is nowhere the jazz and rap often paired with Mexico Acapulco. Acapulco Orange’s music “covers every plane of consciousness” or so claims the band. If anything it features rock ballads integrated with industrial electronic music. With smooth lyrical flow of Nate Polistate’s vocals and effects of T1mbot, Audric and the rest of Infinite Helix, makes that not only compliment, but also astound. Infinite Helix’s Acapulco Orange is a surefire to enthrall the fans and the skeptics and critics alike with both their rock and their intelligent, yet aggressive, rhetoric.

It is evident that Infinite Helix can make considerable waves to the rock music arena. Despite the fact that they haven’t signed a contract from a record label but still successfully delivered their music can show these young groups’s mettle.

What ever made them call their album Acapulco Orange remains a mystery; or until the band reveals how they came up with the title. But whatever it is the music of Acapulco orange does indeed deliver. Check it out at myspace.

For reference, Acapulco Orange is also a specialty cocktail recipe that consists of 1.5 ounces of tequila, ¾ ounce of Benedictine liqueur and 2 ounces of orange juice. To prepare, mix all ingredients in a shaker or blender tighter with crushed ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.