Stand Up Comedienne – Gagging For A Joke

Stand Up Comedienne – Gagging For A Joke

What type of person sees the funny side of a joke or gag told by a stand up comedienne, what type of person doubles over with laughter after the punch line of a joke has been delivered?
What kind of person is more prone to giggle when watching someone play the fool? Well the answer to that is simple? A person one who wants to laugh. Laughter represents happiness.

Celebration parties will always include some form of entertainment – whether it is in the form of a musical band – solo singer or magician etc. But the most popular performer of all invited along to entertain is a stand up comedienne and the reason for that is because they can accommodate their act to suit the mood.

Stand up comics have a mission to accomplish each time they perform their act and that is to make people laugh with their funny jokes – some funny folk amuse party guests in other ways with hilarious foolish antics or silly mime games.

Depending on the event or occasion the comedy performance may be structured around the parties theme e.g. a child`s party may have characters like a clown or if it is an all male wild stag night gathering – then expect the stand up comedienne to deliver the goods in the way of naughty blue jokes. Jokes and gags come clean or dirty – this is your party therefore the choice of entertainment is entirely up to you.

The best thing for you to do if you are to host an event which involves a stand up comedienne – is to do a little research, check out what you feel will go down well with your party guests. An atmosphere where laughter holds a strong presence tells you that the party is definitely a success.

Sometimes it is the host that takes on the role as the funny performer (stand up comedienne) if this is your intention then ask a few close friends for help in rounding up a few party gags – by doing this you have guaranteed laughs because those who shared their jokes with you will always find them funny. Stand up comedienne jokes and gag material can be found online. If you are finding it a struggle to get your act together then why not listen to or watch a video on stand up comediennes to gather tips. Online entertainment sites provide all you need to know on funny folk, so if you are gagging for a good joke then go online.

Another good idea is to practice acting out your stage show in the mirror – this is a great way to make sure you look the part and that part is the star attraction at the event.