Sony Ericsson W610i – Fortus Phone Review

Sony Ericsson W610i – Fortus Phone Review

A Music Lover’s Dream Phone

The Sony Ericsson W610i combines all the elements of a terrific mobile phone into one affordable design. This stylish handset is designed with the music lover in mind, featuring Sony Ericsson’s unsurpassed walkman and music player. The W610i also has a trendy and attractive look and includes most of the latest mobile features that the average user desires.

The super-thin W610i sports the sleek, eye-catching design common to Sony Ericsson’s walkman phones. The vibrant, 1.9 inch display screen provides high quality resolution and the smooth navigation pad, music keys, and keypad are located just below the screen. With such a smooth and compact design, many users find the W610i’s keypad small and difficult to use. Another common complaint is that the keys often stick, making text messaging a time-consuming task.

While the tight, flat design of the W610i’s keypad may take time to get used to, Sony Ericsson’s predictive text feature will make up for lost time. This trendy mobile offers productivity and convenience through a number of other features, as well. A well-organized phone book and business card exchange will keep you in touch, while an assortment of time management tools, including a to-do list and a timer, will keep you on track. Business users will enjoy the conference call feature but, unfortunately, video calling is not supported.

Like many mid-range mobile phones, the W610i doesn’t have an outstanding camera, but the 2 megapixel camera does feature auto focus and a flash so pictures and video clips are acceptable for messaging whether they are taken during the day or at night. It may be difficult to capture subjects in the distance, however, with only 2.25X digital zoom.

The W610i’s most popular feature is, of course, the exceptional integrated music player that rivals the quality of a dedicated mp3 player. With Sony Ericsson MegaBass and unsurpassed Sony audio quality, this is yet another superb walkman phone. The W610i features dedicated music keys to make it easy to enjoy your favorite tunes and the phone is packed with software to enhance your overall music experience. Download ringtones and mp3s with the convenient PlayNow feature, identify your favorite songs with TrackID, and even transfer your favorite CD tracks from your computer with the included software.

The W610i comes with everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of this stylish walkman phone. A 512 MB memory stick micro memory card is included and will hold about 100 songs and pictures. Additional memory sticks can be purchased up to 2GB for more flexible storage. The package also includes a set of Sony headphones for high quality musical enjoyment or you can enjoy your tunes through optional BlueTooth headphones.

Overall, the Sony Ericsson W610i is a great looking, easy to use mobile phone with an outstanding music player for a very reasonable price. The W610i doesn’t have the greatest camera and the keys are a bit small and sticky, but if you are looking for a reliable phone with the best music capabilities, this is the handset for you.