Scrapbooking and Rubber Stamping

Scrapbooking and Rubber Stamping

Scrapbooking and rubber stamping are considered by many crafters as inseparable. Well, this is because rubber stamping plays a very significant role in enhancing the looks or appearance of a scrapbook.

Being considered as inseparable, scrapbooking and rubber stamping are always offered together by hundreds of craft stores. This means that if one craft outlet is offering scrapbooking materials, there is a great possibility that that store is also selling tools and accessories for rubber stamping. Well, the combination of these two popular crafts is well-known or recognized throughout the world. In fact, there are certain groups of individuals who sponsor and organize certain scrapbooking and rubber stamping expositions annually. These groups also handle meetings and gatherings for both the amateur and professionals artists who have been doing the crafts either for profit or for fun.

The art of scrapbooking and rubber stamping, when combined together, are known by many as the art of “scramping’. For many people, the concept is something new, but for the artists who have been doing the crafts for long years, the combination of the names is just a proof of how scrapbooking and rubber stamping transform themselves to produce wonderful pieces.

Now, the question is how the rubber stamping craft help transform a scrapbook into something impressive and wonderful? Well, there are a number of ways that you can blend scrapbooking and rubber stamping. One of the most common ways of blending is the crafts is to use a rubber stamp of large size to stamp a picture in the background of each page of your scrapbook. You can consider pictures of stars or flowers to stamp on it.

Another notable way of blending the two crafts is to use rubber stamps of smaller sizes to create certain borders around the sides of each of your scrapbook page. If you want to develop a page with certain phrases or catchy words on it, you can also use rubber stamps for that purpose. However, you need first to find a stamp that contains texts. And, the good news is that finding these phrases, words or quotes is pretty easy with lots of stamp stores operating out there.

For further elegance and style, you can use embossing, which is but a rubber stamping technique that involves the use of a special ink, a heat gun and an embossing powder to create a slightly raised image on your scrapbook pages. This technique is great since you can use a variation of colors to add further effects.

There are a lot more ways of combining the art of scrapbooking and rubber stamping. You can find a wealth of ideas by reading scrapbooking books, or by going to online. Hundreds of craft sites are in fact available on the web these days for you to consider.