Satellite Radio – Pure Listening Pleasure

Satellite Radio – Pure Listening Pleasure

Satellite radio is digital radio. It is able to produce a strong signal as compared to conventional radio. Conventional FM radio stations have signals that go only as far as 30 to 40 miles, while AM radio stations can go a lot further.

A satellite radio can broadcast signals at around 22,000 miles. No wonder a satellite radio can reach way farther than conventional radios at the same time delivering high quality music and audio.

Many in the US have enjoyed such technology. And more and more subscribers are joining the bandwagon of satellite radio users. One has to purchase a radio satellite receiver and acts a satellite radio provider to activate his unit.

The first two satellite radio stations are the XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. They were the first two that were given a license by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to broadcast Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS). The licenses were given in the year 1997. WorldSpace has also entered into the picture for their own satellite programming offerings.

Satellite radio have indeed provided people with a new means of technology to better enjoy music and audio in long distances at a much better signal quality. More so, a satellite radio is known to have less commercials to none at all. This would mean more music playing time, rather than having to hear interruptions of your listening pleasure because of such commercials. And with a lot of choices of channels or stations, everybody’s preference is accommodated. One only has to tune in to a specific station preferred.

Subscription of satellite radio services may vary, and it ranges from around to per month. An extra fee would be charged for additional receivers you may have.

Satellite radio gives one with a discriminating taste for audio quality an option for a CD-quality music over one’s radio. Those who hate listening to commercials ruining their music listening pleasure would need not contend with such with the satellite radio services.

Satellite radio offers a new level of audio and music entertainment. It is for one who loves pure uninterrupted music that could reach thousands of miles to your radio units and give you the listening pleasure you have long been aspiring for.

So if you like such features on your radio, then it might be time you get your own subscription for such. Satellite radio has indeed changed the way we listen to music – and you wouldn’t want to be left behind, would you?