Rude Comedy – comedian Rodney rude

Rude Comedy – comedian Rodney rude

True to his name, this Australian comedian Rodney Rude definitely has a house full of rudeness that makes up most of his stand-up routines. Rodney is a blue stand-up comedian, but despite that, this comic is a poet and writer. His career began as a musician, playing guitar in a band. Rodney was fond of altering lyrics for the fun part of it, but later accepted the challenge of becoming a stand-up comedian.

As a comedian, Rodney left Australia in 1969 and toured the US and Canada. After 12 years, his friend Barry Wain asked him to come home and found the Comedy Store in Sydney. At the same time, Rodney acted as the club’s first compere. Comedian Rodney Rude got arrested in mid-1980’s after he offended officers from the Queensland police in a show. The album “Not Guilty” was an expression of the incident.

Rodney’s type of comedy is leaned towards the explicit side, more on sexual and insulting. People could usually catch him only in concerts because he was restricted from media exposures. Another trademark that he’s popular with is his laughter, obscene limericks presented as rap songs. Comedian Rodney Rude likewise wrote original songs some of which are: I hate Cats, I May Not Be A Wog (But I Look Like One), Rubber Vagina, and a parody of the song Rhinestone Cowboy called Well-hung Plough Boy.
Rodney’s latest CD is “Frog Sack” that was released on November 11, 2005. Comedian Rodney Rude was caught touring Australia for the last time.

Rodney had 11 albums in his entire career: Rodney Rude Live, I Got More, Not Guilty, A Legend, The Best of Rodney Rude, Rats Arse Tour, More Grunt, Ya Mums Bum, Rude Bastard, Twice as Rude, as well as his latest album. Rude Rides Again was recorded live during Rodney’s performance at the Gold Coast in front of a live audience. Among the tracks of this album is Funny, a 18:34 track, and Piss Funnry, a 18:52 track.

Comedian Rodney Rude’s videos, which are out both in DVD and CD: Rude Rides Again, Get Rude On, Leve On Stage – I don’t give a Rats, and Rodney Rude Live Volume 1.

Rodney actually made a huge influence on Australian youngsters. Some even remarked that the next big step to crossing adulthood in Australia is getting a driver’s license, enrolling to become a voter and – watching a Rodney concert.

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