Music: The Convenient Anxiety Relief

Music: The Convenient Anxiety Relief

Dating back to the ancient times, it can be said that music already had an impact on human history. With the presence of “nature”-ly sounds – the chirping of the birds, the swishing sound of the leaves, and other sounds of same sort – prove that music has been with man since his earliest days. With the advent of contemporary and alternative music genres, music just says, “I am here to stay”. And with the concoction of new music types, we can see that music is constantly evolving and changing.

With music’s antiquity comes its long list of uses for man. For expression’s sake, entertainment, and recreation – just to name a few – are the apparent benefits enjoyed by man since time immemorial. Though it varies in accordance to the time period of the music’s origin. Music is also used in propaganda movements, as a medium for expressing grievances and calling for immediate action. Though music has uses as diversified as the menagerie of human cultures, there is but one ever familiar use of it – “soothing the savage beast.” This is one of music’s greatest benefits. As we know, anxiety-related problems bring out the animal in us. So what better way overcome anxiety than to something soothing?

Music and health-related studies have provided a wide array of benefits. But what’s noteworthy is the use of music as anxiety medication. Recent studies pointed out the very strength of music as anxiety relief – its incomparable calming effect on one’s mind. Exposure to certain relaxing pieces music prevents the build-up of harmful anxiety that could lead to nausea, heart palpitations, chest pains, difficulty in breathing, and chronic headaches. An anxiety medication, even in this alternative form, is crucial to one’s health to avoid other possible lethal complications.

In this view, let’s examine the benefits of using music and its advantages as anxiety relief.

While medical prescriptions are necessary for some anxiety medications, music in DVDs and CDs are “prescription-less” commodities. Just compare the convenience. Less travel. Less fees. You can enjoy the relief classical music and instrumental tracks can offer in the comfort of your home. All you need is to attach the necessary hardware, and you’re good to go.

Using music is also advantageous to people who are always “chasing after time.” Yuppies, business owners, and other professionals who have difficulty in balancing their time can make full use of this. Work-related hassles, as studies prove, can induce stress and anxiety. These are frequently encountered by the people mentioned above. And with the work’s toll, how in the world can they afford the time for a lengthy chat with a doctor? To avoid being misconstrued, this is not an advocacy to boycott doctors’ prescriptions, but in reality, many professionals really don’t have the luxury of time to visit their doctor for anything short of a major medical emergency. However, the use of these relaxing musical compositions catapults the mind of the person from a stressful state of chronic worry to a serene, calm Nirvana. Music therapy, as such, requires less medical supervision but produces smilar results.

Lastly, not everybody likes the idea of hospital therapy. As indicated in medical studies, there are people who opt not to undergo hospital therapy to avoid embarrassment. Others, though they consult the doctor regularly, request for a certain level of anonymity because they wouldn’t like to be ridiculed for having anxiety.

Life is full of stress but not everybody has the luxury of time and money to afford tedious therapy sessions. It’s just good that we have music as anxiety medication alternative – a practical way to avert anxiety’s lethal repercussions without the hassles.