Do you want to make audio CDs for playing it in your personal stereo? Why waste money on getting new audio CDs? If you already have MP3 files in your computer get an audio converter immediately by which you can convert your MP3 files to CDA format. An MP3 CD converter is a CD burning software that will make conventional audio CD from your downloaded MP3 collection. The CD converter will burn your favorite MP3 collections and help you to make your own customized CD that you can play on your home HP-FI or car CD players.

MP3 files are compressed files and are not always made originally and they do not have the best sound quality. CDAs are uncompressed files and appear mostly on purchased CDs. Therefore they have a good sound quality and can be played on all CD players.

To convert MP3 to CDA, besides a converter you need to have certain other systems like a Pentium 200 PC with 32M RAM, a CD writer, Windows NP, Windows XP and Internet Explorer 4.0 and DirectX 9.0.

Using a converter to turn MP3 to CDA is an easy process. If you have installed a good converter your audio CDs are just a few clicks away. A quality converter has the following features:

· A converter has perfect MP3 decoding quality, which will enable you to get a good sound quality in your audio CD.

· The volume level of the CD will remain the same even if MP3 tracks are recorded from different sources and have different volumes.

· An MP3 CD converter can rip your favorite audio tracks from different CDs and burn them into a single disk. So you can hear all your favorite tracks within a single CD without changing the disk.

· MP3 CD converters have a mini player system by which you can listen to the MP3 files before burning them.

· MP3 to CDA is converted in disk-at-once mode, which is supported by most CD writers.

· The converter has a powerful searching function; it can locate the MP3 files in local disk.

· No temporary disc space is required to convert MP3 to CDA. Also you don’t have to convert MP3 files to WAV format first; it can be done directly.

· The converter supports different audio format like WAVE, M4A, MPEG, AVI, WMA etc other than MP3.

· It also supports ID3V1 AND ID3V2 tag and larger scale CD-ROM devices.

You must know that an MP3 converter is a shareware. So if you want to use the full function of MP3 CD converter you will need registration. The registration fee costs .95. Only after getting a registration code you can use this software.

You can burn about 13 to 15 songs in CD as a CD can hold up to 75 minutes of audio. So make your own audio CD and enjoy listening your favorite songs on home music system, car stereo and also on portable CD player.

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