Instant Credit Approval – Avoiding Fees

Instant Credit Approval – Avoiding Fees

It is so easy now with the use of the internet to apply for an instant credit card approval. Just about anyone that has good credit can get instant credit approval in just a matter of a few seconds. However, if you do not read the fine print from these credit card companies offering instant credit cards you may find that you are paying high annual fees, interest rates, balance transfers and many more fees according to which type of instant credit approval you receive.

The very first thing you should do before applying for instant credit approval is to learn and understand all the different fees that can be tacked on to your credit card.

Many credit card companies have annual fees that are applied after you apply for instant credit approval, sometimes they will waive the annual fee, however if you do not read the terms and conditions and all other information before you apply you may be stuck paying rather high annual fees.

Most credit card companies that offer instant credit approval have their interest rates posted on their website. However, these interest rates can change once the introductory special is over. Some of the companies offer what is called revolving lines of credit. This is normally 2% of the interest is imposed while the rest of the balance is repaid monthly. This can become quite a hefty amount yearly up to around 24% or more if you roll over payments.

The APR that you see all the time is an abbreviation for annual percentage rate. This rate can be fixed or variable. Fixed means that it does not change and variable means that it fluctuates.

Know what the grace period is for the company that you are applying for to receive instant credit approval. This so-called grace period decides the fees and the interest that is to be paid on the instant credit cards. This in essence means that when you purchase an item with your credit card you will not have to pay any type of interest if you pay off your balance in full before the grace period ends. If you do not pay until after the grace period, you will more than likely be paying higher interest rates and even late fees.

Some of the other fees that you may run into when you are searching for instant credit approval are fees on balance transfers, fees on cash advances, and more. Remember to always read all the terms and conditions including all fine print, stipulations, clauses and anything else on the website or application.

There are three types’ major types of credit cards, which have instant credit approval, and they include house cards, travel and entertainment cards and bankcards. House cards are from companies such as JC Penny, Sears and other stores. Bankcards are those issued by banks or other lending companies and you will normally receive a MasterCard or Visa. In addition, travel and entertainment cards are ones such as Diners Club and American Express. You can, however, apply for travel and entertainment cards most of the time through banks and other lending companies.