Learning Piano Without Years of Lessons!

Learning Piano Without Years of Lessons!

So, you want to learn the piano. But you don’t want to spend years learning how to read music.

That’s understandable. Learning piano doesn’t have to be the hard chore so many believe it to be. In fact, it can be quite easy IF YOU START BY LEARNING CHORDS!

For example, in the lesson “Reflections in Water,” available below, we have four chords and a scale to create music with. We don’t need to read music and we don’t need piano tabs either. All we need is to learn how to finger one chord position and play the C Major scale. Then we can use these materials to create music with.

Learning piano this way is infinitely easier (and more rewarding!) than learning how to note read because we create it ourselves!

Once we have the chords under our fingers, we can explore the piano in a way that may never have been possible for you before. Many piano students don’t believe they have talent or skill to improvise but this is simply not true. All that is required is the desire to try it. Once students jump in the water, they can’t wait to take a swim and then they’re hooked!

Learning piano without years of lessons is not difficult. All it takes is the ability to learn a few chords and then experiment with them.

Now, if learning classical repertoire is your goal, then of course you’re going to have to learn how to read music. But reading music is not necessary in order to play the piano. Learning chords is!

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