International Programming From Dish Network Satellite TV

International Programming From Dish Network Satellite TV

One of the many great things about satellite TV is the wide variety of programming available. This is especially true when it comes to international programming. If you have moved to the United States from somewhere else in the world, ordering a Dish Network international package can bring you closer to home.

While cable TV may offer some Spanish language programming, what you will find with Dish Network can’t be found anywhere else. Currently Dish Network offers over 17 specific foreign language packages. Most foreign language packages cost about per month and can be added to any Dish Network package. If you do not want a full lineup of channels, many can be purchased a la carte. To give you an idea of what these packages contain, let’s look at two of the more popular packages, programming options in Spanish and Chinese.

There are several Spanish language packages available from Dish Network. Dish Latino Max is the premier package from Dish Network. Dish Latino Max, contains over 200 channels in Spanish and English. The regular monthly price is .99 per month, and there are promotions available that reduce the price by for the first ten months.

This package contains all of the Spanish language channels from the base DishLatino package, plus quite a few additional sports channels like Gol TV, ESPN and Fox Sports Español. There are also plenty of children’s programming choices here as well with channels such as Cartoon Network, Toon Disney, and the Disney Channel. Family and variety entertainment choices include Univisión, The Learning Channel and the USA Network. DishLatino Max gives Spanish speaking customers in the United States many choices in television programming.

Another foreign language option available from Dish Network is the Great Wall Package featuring Chinese programming. This 24 hour a day this 17 channel programming package includes 6 entertainment channels from CCTV, 4 channels provided by partners beyond China, and 7 provincial channels from mainland China. Priced currently at .99 a month, it’s a great value in Chinese news and entertainment.

For those who are more interested in both Taiwanese and Chinese programming, Dish Network also offer the Taiwanese Mega Pack.. Priced at .99 per month, this package contains the CCTV channels plus additional channels focused on Taiwan like SETI. SETI is a 24-hours-a-day channel broadcasted in both the Taiwanese and Mandarin languages. SETI is the top rated cable network in Taiwan. The network broadcasts programs on modern Taiwanese society, lifestyle and culture. SETI also brings the viewer news from Taiwan, dramas, documentaries, variety programs, music, cooking and game shows.

While these are the Chinese packages that provides the widest appeal, there are several other packages available including the Chinese Super Pack, Chinese Variety Pack, Chinese Plus Pack, and a la carte options. Pricing on these packages start from .99 and go up to .99 per month.

Spanish and Chinese options are only two of many Dish Network foreign language packages. Other packages include French, German, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese among others. Check directly with Dish Network for the best option for your situation. No matter where you come from, Dish Network has a foreign language package that will bring you back home through your television set.