How To Select A Light Box

How To Select A Light Box

A light box is a necessary tool for most commercial artists, doctors and biotechnology lab technicians. Designers and photographers also need to use a light box from time to time. Light boxes can be easily bought from both online and offline stores and you can find many different types of light box models and styles with light box retailers, If you have never bought a lightbox before, then you might find yourself getting confused about what to buy and what not to buy. Given below are a number of factors that you need to consider when selecting a light box. If you keep all these in mind when choosing your lightbox, you will end up with a good buy.

Size: Light boxes come in a large number of sizes and you will first need to narrow down on the kind of size that you want. If you are buying a light box for a doctor’s clinic, then you should go for a size that is appropriate enough for reading MRIs and X-Rays. On the other hand, designers, architects and artists might require larger lightboxes in order to be able to trace and examine large prints and designs. As a photographer, you will need a lightbox that is large enough to handle the kind of prints you work with. No matter what your requirement is, it is important to choose a light box size that is large enough for all your professional needs or else you will find yourself in the market very soon looking for a larger lightbox.

Installation: Light boxes available in the market nowadays can be mounted on walls, on the floor or on your desk. Based on the size of your light box and your own convenience, you will have to decide on the kind of light box installation you want. Artists and designers generally prefer desk mounted light boxes whereas most doctors want their lightboxes on the wall. The kind of installation you go for has to be based on the kind of work that you are planning to do and the amount of space that you have got. Make sure that your light box is sturdy and stable wherever it is installed. A desktop light box that is flimsy may keep crashing and breaking every other day, while a wall mount light box that is too heavy will also end up with the same fate.

Luminosity: Most companies produce light boxes that give out different amounts of light. You need to check that you buy a light box that is bright enough for your purpose otherwise you will need to change its tubes right after you buy it. While lightboxes that are not too bright can easily be used for reading X-ray and MRIs, you might need something brighter for DNA sequencing or tracing artwork. If you are planning to buy a light box for therapeutic use, then it is advised you consult your doctor about the brightness and luminosity that your light box should have.

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