Handmade Glass Beads

Handmade Glass Beads

Glass bead knitting is rapidly emerging as a unique form of art. Many bead artists are crafting glass beads these days either for their own art and jewelry projects, or for their own beading business. They create their own designs by following certain patterns or standards, and many of them use machines for the bead cutting or shaping, while others just do their beading projects by the use of their hands.

Speaking of hands, several glass beads are now produced handmade. These handmade glass beads are said to be more precious than other stones knowing that they are crafted with close attention to details. Just like the rest of the precious beads on earth, the handmade glass beads come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes. They also differ in terms of prices, but they can easily be identified with them being groups into types or categories. The most common types of handmade glass beads include the Millefiori, Czech, lamp work, dichroic glass, and bumpy glass beads. They come in these types for one purpose – to allow the bead artists to choose the materials they think are perfect for their own craft.

How the Handmade Glass Beads are made?

The handmade glass beads are crafted in different ways though, depending on what the artisans prefer. Typically, the glass is first heated to a particular temperature to melt. The melting process is very much important as it is what allows the artisans to form their own bead shapes and layers. But to be able to do this, the glass should be held over a burning flame. The result of this melting and shaping process is basically what determines the type of the handmade glass beads.

For instance, the handmade lamp work glass beads are created with decorations that are raised. It is also typical for this type to feature dots and bumps, as well as feathery figures that are sparkling. They also have foils inside, or other applied decorations for enhanced looks or appearance. The appearance of the lamp work glass beads are also enhanced with the colors combinations and textures available for these items. They are even added with certain sequins and embroidery designs by most artisans to create a wonderfully built handmade glass beads.

Where to Find Handmade Glass Beads?

As an emerging art, it’s no surprise for the handmade glass beads to come in massive numbers. They are now available on the market at varying prices. You can find them either offline or online with lots of bead stores available out there for you to consider. If you are the type who wants to be trendy, searching online can be one of the most worthy things you can do. After all, the handmade glass beads are offered by almost a hundred beading stores on the net these days. All you have to do to find the best portals and the right materials is to exert enough effort and time in doing your search.

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