Early Learning

Early Learning

Though you think of education as starting when I child enters kindergarten, you should know that early learning can begin as young as one year of age. Children aren’t just learning about the world around them, they are slowing learning things like color, logic, counting, letters and fair play. Though you may not even realize it, you may have the biggest impact in these areas, and how they learn will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

You can turn to someone to help if you are like me. I’m not good at teaching, and I know it. Early learning for my daughter came from the Wiggles and I am not ashamed to say so. They taught her what she needs to know, and she is far ahead of her peers. She can write her name at four years old while none of the other children in her class at church can do so. I’m not saying she’s smarter than any other kids, I just think I did my part to give her a good head start in early learning.

If you don’t know what you are doing, much like me, you should investigate the tools that are out there geared towards early learning. You can find shows like the Wiggles or perhaps Little Einstein to help them along their way. Children can learn from television, just make sure the early learning shows you allow them to watch are indeed helping them. You don’t want it to be purely entertainment, though there is nothing wrong with a little entertainment to go along with the learning.

In fact, entertainment might be the key to early learning in children. Take the Wiggles for example. They give lessons, but they give them in the guise of a story or song. They have skits that teach children without the children even knowing what is going on. Their help with early learning goes far beyond numbers and letters. They also teach about manners, fair play, and how to do so many different things, and they do it in a way that does not talk down to children. They just lead by example, and that is the best way, as far as I am concerned, to help a child learn and grow. If it had not been the Wiggles it may have been something else, but I thank God for them everyday. Not only have they taught my child so much, they have made it fun more me as well. More fun than you could imagine!

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