Diana Krall

Diana Krall

Diana Krall is a pop music sensation. This bright Canadian jazz pop star was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia in 1964. Her father had a very impressive jazz record collection which she enjoyed listening to from an early age. She began playing the piano at the age of six and played in local clubs as a teen-ager. She studied jazz at Berkeley School of Music in Boston and from there went on to live in Las Angeles so that she could study with Jimmy Rowles. It was with Jimmy Rowles with whom she developed her style and began to sing as well.

Since her debut album in 1993, Stepping Out, people have been charmed, awed and captivated by her performances.


One thing that made Diana Krall instantly unique was that her jazz albums began selling like pop albums. She went from jazz trios and quartets to a full orchestra. She sounds great singing and playing solo. She sounded incredible on Love Scenes with only Christian McBride on bass and Russell Malone on guitar. And to many lovers of the big orchestrated sound she sounds equally good when playing along with a symphony orchestra in front of huge audiences. As her orchestrated concerts filled auditoriums world-wide, some people were commenting on the fact that she was selling out to crowds who otherwise were not listening to jazz. Some people went as far as to say that as she was popularizing jazz, she was losing her status as a jazz musician and adopting the title of pop star. The truth is that whether she has become incredibly popular and has pop star status or not, jazz is jazz. She is a talented jazz pianist. She is a talented jazz singer. She has now also shown that she can write as well.

It is perhaps unfortunate for her image as a jazz musician that she chose to appear very glamorous on some of her CD sleeves. In one particular CD: When I Look in Your Eyes, she appears to be modeling clothes for designer Donna Karan. While she looks stunning in these clothes, some people may have gotten the impression that she was more of a glamour girl pop star than a serious musician. However the music does hold its own despite whatever image she has projected.


Diana fell in love and married Elvis Costello. It was with Elvis’ influence that she began to write her own songs. Perhaps being in love gave her new confidence or perhaps he encouraged her through the confidence that he had in her. He is featured on her first CD that has her own songs, entitled The Girl in The Other Room.

Diana keeps a very busy work schedule. She is a new mother having giving birth to two baby boys in December, 2006. They are her and Elvis Costello’s first children. Yet she has a packed 2007 tour schedule touring the United States.

Her latest CD, From This Moment On, shows a happy and relaxed Diana as though everything is going superbly well for her right now.