Chinese Calligraphy as an Art Form

Chinese Calligraphy as an Art Form

There is a quiet appreciation for Chinese calligraphy (called “Shu Fa” in Chinese). We see it everywhere. It has been around for thousand’s of years, and has danced it’s way into the western world. Character techniques were refined throughout the history of China as their culture’s social circumstances changed. Self expression thru disciplined understanding of form and technique has been handed down by the great masters of Chinese calligraphy, with each master leaving a unique, individual style. Within this heritage many artists have taken some influence from it for their own works. Picasso and Matisse are two artists who used some Chinese calligraphy in their art. It is considered an art form and with it’s amass of many followers, it is now a sought after as a class in which one can learn the art of Chinese calligraphy.

There are many avenues to explore in Chinese Calligraphy. Before you embark on a furious intended study of learning Chinese calligraphy, introduce yourself to the all the aspects involved. Start by searching out the fun stuff, to keep yourself entertained momentarily and intrigued further into learning more. One particular fun concept to do with Chinese calligraphy is to see what your name means in Chinese and how beautifully it is written. You most likely will spend a little time giving Chinese names and meanings to everyone dear to you. The western world likes intense, spiritual and deep meanings for names, well, the Chinese do too. And when written in Chinese, your name takes on even more in depth personal magic. Also recommended is to spend time with other words commonly used in Chinese art. Words like love, hope, tranquility, all become so immersing and identified with personally when witnessed in Chinese calligraphy form. So much do they affect the eye of the beholder, that often they end up permanently expressed in a tattoo. Chinese calligraphy is a very popular request for tattoos.

After skipping across the top of the Chinese calligraphy history and art information, you can decide to take the process further by actively seeking out places or internet sites offering a more thorough course in the art of Chinese calligraphy. Many instructions remain basic in it’s course, while others incorporate reading or speaking Chinese as well. If your focus is art, then by all means, stick with the art only instructions, as there is so much to master within that form anyways. You will learn the different tools, mediums, and colors used for expressing your personality in depth on a simple surface. There are many different varieties of applications in Chinese calligraphy just to express one word. The results will refer to as a living moment, or living thought. And it is the results that loved and appreciated.

Chinese calligraphy is a worthy and beautiful experience to launch into. Expect Countless hours of enjoyable practice into an ancient, respected, old world art. If you wish to learn Chinese calligraphy, then by all means…continue on.

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