A Tourist Guide To Nice

A Tourist Guide To Nice

Nice is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean side of the south coast of France. It is a great settle point to exploring the French Riviera and Provence region. It boasts fascinating historic culture and is very popular with artists.

Travelling There
If you are after exploring the Côte d’Azure (French Riviera) then Nice International Airport is the most conveniently located and easiest option. Two TGV high speed trains reach Nice each day from Paris. That journey takes a total of six hours one way. There are large roads entering the city from all areas making car and bus a good travelling option as well.

Accommodation Options
There are accommodation options to suit all budgets and requirements. However, the famous Hotel Negresco is an impressive feature on the Promenade but is quite pricey and extravagant. Hotels are generally the most expensive option where as guest houses and pensions provide cheaper letting rates. Accommodation options are more diverse towards the train station and away from the city.

A Brief History of Nice
Settlements in Nice date back to four hundred thousand years ago. By the 10th century, the city had established itself as a trading port. In the early 20th century, Nice became popular with artists and was a favourite location for Pablo Picasso. These days it is one of France’s best loved seaside towns and is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Sights and Attractions
Walk along the Promenade Des Anglais to capture the feel and atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur. Nice is a typical traditional French city with narrow streets, shuttered houses and baroque churches so a wander around is always a pleasant experience. As mentioned earlier, the area is famous for being a popular destination for world renowned artists so it is worth checking the galleries and museums within Nice.

Dining Options
The French have a positive reputation for food and the wine meaning that in this popular area you will have endless choices. The most expensive restaurants are found along the seafront promenade. The many bars within the town allow provide some delicious and unique French specialties. Nice is renowned for its nightlife so you will never find yourself bored and out of opions in the evening.

The centre of the city is the main area for shopping. There are running through the week that provides an alternative to the many high street shops.

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