Your Adventure Awaits On A Cruise Ship

Your Adventure Awaits On A Cruise Ship

When most of us think of the words cruise ship, we envision the Love Boat or the Titanic. Well, not all the time, but often that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, a cruise ship doesn’t have to be that big, and many countries have their own cruise ship lines. A cruise ship is also called a luxury ship, but that doesn’t mean that only rich people can sail on her. You may not find Gopher or Doc on board, but a cruise ship offers a unique way to travel at a slower pace so that you get to know your fellow passengers and are able to intermingle at various venues provided by cruise ship activity and entertainment directors. Airline or train travel doesn’t allow for such pleasures, nor does driving. For anyone who hasn’t been on a cruise ship, adventure awaits!

A cruise ship is also called a passenger ship and is used for those seeking a pleasure voyage to various destinations around the world, from Tahiti to Rio, to the Canary Islands and Hong Kong. Today, a cruise ship line offers the best in travel comforts and perks. With a cruise ship, the entertainment on board is as important as the ultimate destination, and most cruise ship lines will make sure to schedule exciting events that will entertain various age groups.

The very first cruise ship built expressly for the purpose of transporting vacationers from Point A to Point B was called the Prinzessin Victoria Luise. She was built in 1900. So began the age of transatlantic transportation that hit a rough spot after the sinking of the Titanic. Following that accident, Albert Ballin, the manager of Hamburg-America Line, made it a point to send his cruise ship captains across the North Atlantic is the worst winter weather to prove that the ill-fated sinking of the queen of all liners was not the norm, but rather an isolated incident. He succeeded, and other shipping lines followed his example.

A cruise ship is equipped to withstand bad weather and is capable of sailing great distances to exotic ports of call or down your country’s coastline. One of the most popular cruise ship destinations for world travelers is the Alaskan cruise, which offers delighted passengers sights and sounds that can’t be seen anywhere else.

There are many different kinds of cruise ship, and some are large, which others are only moderately so. Most come with affordable small to medium sized cabins, and a cruise ticket will generally include all the food and entertainment on board as well as tickets to events or locations listed on the ships port of call sightseeing lists. A cruise ship offers hotel style living, fine dining and even theatrical entertainment all in one place. Some cruise lines offer a cruise ship geared more toward the younger crowd, like Disney, while others offer nothing but exquisite elegance. Which cruise ship you choose will not only depend on your tastes, but your pocket book as well.

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