WWE RAW Superstars: Trademark Move of John Cena

WWE RAW Superstars: Trademark Move of John Cena

WWE or the World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the largest and the most entertaining sports events in the world. If you’ve watched WWE in action before, you know that it offers great quality entertainment for the whole family. You will see great athletes and professional entertainers slugging it out in the wrestling ring.

Although WWE is mostly scripted where it has a story line to follow and all the punches and kicks are dud punches, you have to admit the fact that the show it offers is indeed very entertaining. If you have never watched WWE before, you should try watching at least one episode. It will definitely give you quality entertainment and will keep you glued to your seat.

WWE offers wrestling superstars with different personalities and also different trademark moves. Although the aggression and the attitude that these wrestling superstar athletes show are not really real, you have to consider that they only do this to entertain the crowd. One of the most famous wrestling superstar athletes is John Cena.

John Cena is a Professional Wrestler, actor and rap music artist who is one of the rising stars of the RAW series of World Wrestling Entertainment. In fact, John Cena is the reigning WWE Champion.

In his early career, John Cena first began training as a professional wrestler in 2000. He trained in the Ultimate Pro Wrestling where he created the character called “The Prototype”. After his brief career in UPW, John Cena signed up with the World Wrestling Entertainment developmental contract.

John Cena’s first televised World Wrestling Entertainment match was in June 27, 2002 where he answered the challenge by Kurt Angle. In his early days in the World Wrestling Entertainment, John Cena started out as an underdog working his way up to the top and become one of WWE’s legends. During this time, he received a shot at the WWE Championship and fought against the Champion Brock Lesnar who almost ended his career during a match between the two.

During the match, John Cena created his first trademark move called F-U. This move is his first signature maneuver and acted as a counterpart for Lesnar’s F-5 move. He also established his “you can’t see me” trademark catch phrase and a hand gesture in the process.

In the year 2004, John Cena is fast gaining popularity and acceptance with the audience. During the start of the year, John Cena participated in the annual Royal Rumble held every January. He lasted up to the final six and was eventually eliminated by another WWE superstar legend, Big Show. Cena began a feud with Big Show that ended up winning the United States Championship from Big Show. This was his first title in WWE.

This is the early career of John Cena. You can still see him on WWE RAW episodes.

After watching the show, you will notice that every wrestling superstar has his own trademark move. You have to consider that it is important to have a trademark move in WWE in order to gain recognition from the fans and a trademark move is what distinguishes the amazing athletic abilities of these athletes. With John Cena, you will notice that he has several trademark moves to disable his opponents and win a match. He has the F-U, the STFU, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Throwback, Spinebuster and more.

In some instances, you will see that some wrestling superstars will carry some foreign objects in the ring. Although they can be disqualified by this, the script is carefully worked out so that someone will distract the referee from seeing the athlete carrying foreign objects in the ring. With John Cena, his trademark for carrying foreign objects in the ring includes a steel chain and brass knuckles.

World Wrestling Entertainment has a storyline that you can follow on every episode. You should consider watching it on TV or watch in when the tour reaches your state. You can be sure that you will enjoy watching this one of a kind entertainment show that will surely entertain the whole family.

If you have a chance to watch this show, look out for the RAW superstar, John Cena. You will surely see what his trademark moves are all about.

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