Why Should You Get Married In Las Vegas?

Why Should You Get Married In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is by far the most popular wedding destination in the United States (and perhaps the world). Over 115,000 weddings are held in Las Vegas every year, and it’s a perfect place for couples and celebrities who want to get married quickly and/or unusually.

Las Vegas weddings have the following advantages:

It’s affordable. Vegas weddings can cost less than traditional wedding ceremonies.

It can be held on very short notice. Most chapels in Las Vegas allow couples to book their wedding right away. Others accommodate walk-ins. But make sure you have a marriage license first, available from the Marriage Bureau, Las Vegas, Nevada which is located at 200 S. 3rd Street, 1st floor Las Vegas, NV 89155-1603 (cost at time of writing was ).

It’s convenient. Las Vegas hotels usually have their own wedding chapels with a wedding coordinator who takes charge of all the preparations, including the flowers, music and marriage celebrant/officiant and can get in touch with the bridal party on the phone or even online.

It’s fun. Vegas weddings offer couples a fun and amusing wedding – even with an Elvis impersonator!

It allows couples to start their honeymoon early. There’s no need for couples to board a plan and head out of town after the wedding. Las Vegas is a great honeymoon destination!

Your Las Vegas wedding checklist:

1. Set a wedding date.

2. Decide on a Las Vegas wedding chapel. You can check out Las Vegas wedding chapels online.

3. Speak to wedding coordinators to find out about wedding packages and compare service and prices.

4. Book the time and date of the ceremony.

5. Make plane and hotel reservations for yourself and friends and family attending the wedding.

6. Make reservations for a celebratory lunch or dinner.

7. Obtain your marriage license.

8. Slip away after the ceremony and begin your honeymoon!

Below are some points you also need to consider when getting married in Las Vegas.

Watch out for peak holiday seasons that result in busy wedding days, such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

Don’t forget about a wedding dress! There are quite a few places in Las Vegas where you can rent wedding dresses if you don’t wish to buy one.

Extremely hot weather in Las Vegas can be uncomfortable when you’re in a tuxedo or wedding gown; not to mention your hair, makeup and wedding cake icing.

Ensure you meet the legal requirements to get married and have a marriage license before the ceremony.

Now you’re ready for the exciting experience of a Las Vegas wedding. Viva Las Vegas!