Why Join An Autograph Collecting Clubs

Why Join An Autograph Collecting Clubs

Being a member of an autograph collecting club can benefit you in more ways than one. When we think of an autograph collecting club, we feel a bond of support and togetherness, also unity. People in clubs of all kinds have a common interest. These common interests generate specific goals, set forth by the membership, for the existence of this club. Autograph clubs are organized just as any other club. There are elected officers, and designated persons for other duties. Some of the clubs even publish newsletters offering collecting tips and opportunities for autograph collecting.

Here you will find many chances to exchange autographs with fellow members and you will get to know others who are autograph collecting. These clubs help you to keep your autograph collecting authentic and above board. Scams and other rip offs are shared in discussion groups. For those who are autograph collecting as an investment, the values of certain autographs are shared in these meeting. Usually these clubs meet once a month sometimes with a specific agenda as discussed from the previous meeting. All people who are interested in autograph collecting are invited to become a member. Most support groups of this nature are encouraged when new members come into the fellowship. These clubs are non-profit organizations. Fellowships of this nature impart knowledge and resources about autograph collecting. Some times experts in the field will come in and share some new trends in the art of collecting.

Usually the general public can attend these meetings with out required membership. A small membership fee is required to help defrayed expenses involved in printing newsletters and other forms of communication. An open door policy helps to increase interests in autograph collecting. Autograph collecting is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. This may be due to the fact that it takes a minimum investment to get started. All it takes is a little time, interests and patience. One of the most personal things a person can give you is his autograph.

Just think signatures are forever, if you protect them. Perhaps, the most important thing a club can offer you is an awareness of artists. No matter what you undertake, there will always be someone who is a member of the “get something for nothing club”. These con artists will offer you some deals and prices that really are too good to be authentic. Bona fide autograph collecting clubs are usually aware of these people and will alert their membership and the general public. The new autograph collecting member is a prime target for these cons.

There are cons in all areas of collecting. Bargain prices are not always bargains. Autograph collecting clubs keep a list and a record of these less than desirable dealers and make the list available to persons of interests. If you are not on their autograph collecting mailing and emailing list, ask them to add your name to the list. Deals that are too good to be true usually are not true!

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