Why are the Black Jack Odds so Good?

Why are the Black Jack Odds so Good?

As a decent player of black jack odds are good, especially compared to other casino games. The black jack card game is so popular some even say that it’s the most popular game. It is played in almost every country all over the world in land based casinos as well as online. The blackjack websites have really grown in numbers the recent years, and now it has become even more popular to play it from the comfort of your home than from a traditional land based casino.

Why is blackjack so popular? The main reason that blackjack is so highly embraced and loved all over the world is that when played properly, it has a house edge of less than one percent, which is the lowest house advantage of any table game. So with these odds, why are casinos – offline as well as online – not losing money to the players? Well, the most obvious reason is probably that the game is not played properly or good enough by the majority of players. It’s really a pity that players can give up such huge advantage to the house by lump playing.

The reason why this game has such good odds is that, unlike other games such as craps and games of chance like roulette is that in blackjack the choices you make as the game progresses, will impact the house edge. You see

  • in roulette each spin is an independent event
  • in craps each roll of the dice is also an independent event

In Blackjack however, instead of being a game based on independent single events, each hand is dependent on the cards that have previously been dealt so that big cards left in the deck will favour the player while small cards will favour the dealer. This is the reason why card counting is so important for winning in blackjack. You simply have to memorize what cards are left in the deck.

To a large extent, blackjack results are based on your actions as a player and not solely on chance. Your chances to win in this game is much better than the chance based games. So the secret to winning at blackjack is to keep track of the cards. As soon as you master this – which you definitely can do with training – you can start a pleasant and fun blackjack odysse.