Where to Catch the Best Budapest Music

Where to Catch the Best Budapest Music

So you’re a musically inclined person. Visiting Budapest this holiday season? I bet you’d like to know where exactly in the city you can catch the best Budapest music. Well, don’t worry. The best Budapest music can be heard in almost every corner of the city, particularly during the city’s music festivals or even at some of Budapest music hubs.

Here are some of the best options you can consider to hear and enjoy the best musical productions in Budapest:

Sziget Festival

Held yearly in Budapest’s shipyard from the 8th to the 15th of August, the Sziget Festival is basically the best way to catch one of the great Budapest music. This event is considered throughout Hungary as the biggest and most celebrated music festivals in the country. Its first production happened way back in 1993 when about 43,000 came out to participate and enjoy. It features the best musical bands and DJs in the country, while other performances such as theater and kid’s events are also presented.

A38 Boat

The A38 Boat is originally one of the stone carriers that serve the area of Budapest. Today, it is known throughout the city as one of the best hubs to catch a unique Budapest music. The boat is moored on the side of the Danube River in Buda and is now floating like a cultural haven. It is where some of the city’s best bands are playing, often participated by the best DJs and celebrities from the international music industry. The good thing about this hub is that there is a restaurant on the top of its deck, as well as a great bar down on its engine room where you can enjoy a good drink. This Budapest music hub is open everyday, except Sundays.


Got a taste for Latin music? If so, the Trocadero can be your best place. According to several claims, the Trocadero is the only place in the city where a Latin music is often presented. The Latin music is played all night and every night. There is also a live salsa, as well as a live meringue night almost every weekend. The Trocadero now offers a variation in the quality of their DJs, but mostly, you can catch a satisfying up tempo moment at this Budapest music hub. And, with its salsa nights, Trocadero is one of the perfect places to go to practice your Latin-style moves.

There are a lot more bars, clubs, and events out there in Budapest that can give you the best of Budapest music. If you want to make a good start, then consider one or all of the above mentioned places or events.