Wedding Reception Lessons To Learn

Wedding Reception Lessons To Learn

After the wedding ceremony is carried out, every one that needs to has said their I do’s, the confetti has been thrown and the carriage arrives to take the bride and groom away, the bride and groom head of to the wedding reception to meet the guests, of course the guests from the ceremony are all going but some people only attend the reception. The ceremony is more for family than friends. So once you arrive at the reception what happens then? A party!

The wedding reception is where the entertainment and the food is, no doubt the newly weds will be starving after the nerves and the shock of getting married has worn of. The reception is a great time for friends and family to get to know each other as well they are all one big circle of family and need to get along, for your sake! The wedding reception then starts of with a speech, a toast, some food and then the entertainment. The food can either be hot plate served or it can be hot and cold buffet style dinner whatever you choose is loved by all guests, no doubt the happily married couple will be starving after the shock of marriage and the release of the nerves. After everyone has eaten and admired their wedding favors and the special gifts have been handed out to the members of the guests that have played a special part in the wedding the entertainment starts. The entertainment is usually a DJ or a live band, sometimes though couples get really creative and go for a magician or even a comedian. Keeping the guests entertained is a great part of the wedding as it makes you feel good to know that everything that you have done has made all these people happy.

The wedding reception is the most favourable part of any wedding, the ceremony is usually boring and the guests are glad to get off to the reception to have a good time. The wedding reception is another type of celebration of your marriage. The next celebration which is undoubtedly the best is the honey moon which you will no doubt enjoy thoroughly!

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