Ways of Getting Around Las Vegas

Ways of Getting Around Las Vegas

Just as many people say that it’s very easy to live in New York City and not have to worry about owning a car, the same goes for Las Vegas. There are many people who actually live and work all on the Las Vegas Strip and it is very possible to do that with much success. There is plenty of free and cheap transportation that one is able to take advantage of, so not owning an automobile during this very busy Las Vegas Strip is not the worst thing in the world. However if you are a tourist then you may be wondering at how just you are going to get around in the car that you drove. However, the best thing to do would be to leave your car in the parking garage and take advantage of some of the other Las Vegas rides that are readily available for everyone living, touring, and roaming the streets of Las Vegas

The Citizens Area Transit

The CAT Bus, as it is more commonly known throughout Las Vegas, provides transportation to many places around the Las Vegas Strip. These CAT buses, though, are also known as the deuce and they stop at all the major destination and resort points on the Las Vegas Strip. Even though the fares for the Deuce are not very expensive, the service that you get for being able to ride up and down the Las Vegas Strip is pretty worth that that you pay for a 24-hour service.

Tourist Trolley

Another way that you can get up and down the Las Vegas Strip is by using a tourist trolley that is available. Just as the CAT bus service, though, the trolley also has the same fare to get around the town. Unfortunately, though, this method for riding through the streets of the Las Vegas Strip is usually pretty full so it’s probably best to use other methods of transportation.


This is actually the free version of transportation that tourists and citizens are able to take advantage of throughout the Las Vegas Strip, but the locations and routes that these free cable-pulled trams go to are pretty limited. For example, one popular route that it currently takes is the stop between the Treasure Island Resort and the Mirage, but this is one of five or six destinations that the Tram does stop at.


However, there are plenty of other free shuttles that one can take in between other major destinations and hotel hotspots throughout the Las Vegas Strip. For example, some of the shuttles go between Caesar’s Palace and the Rio, while another one goes from the Hard Rock Hotel to Caesar’s Palace.

All of these options are great ways to find yourself getting around through the Las Vegas Strip. Even though public transportation is not expensive at all, they are very economically and environmentally healthy ways to find attractions and destinations around the city instead of relying on walking or other more difficult methods.