Watercolor Artists

<H3>Watercolor Artists</H3>

Watercolor is an amazing type of painting that does take plenty of skill to do well with. Most people don’t realize there is plenty involved besides just having an idea to put onto the paper or to the canvas. A watercolor artist has to be able to understand the various techniques and when to use them. They also have to know how to mix the paints, the right brushes to use, and how to manipulate the water that is used so it won’t be a deterrent to them.

There are some watercolor artists that are just emerging into the field. They may do this type of painting as a hobby right now but want to be more serious with it in the future. There are various organizations that watercolor artists can join as well. This can be exciting because it allows you to share your passion with others that have a similar interest.

Many of these are online organizations and you can share information and show each other pictures. You will find these are often comfortable communities where a person interested in watercolor can learn a great deal. You can ask questions, offer solutions to others, and make great friends. You can also learn information about new watercolor ideas and techniques that you may want to experiment with.

There have been many well known and recognized watercolor artists out there in our history. One of the most well known individuals in this area is Dong Kingman. He was born in 1911 and died in 2000. In his lifetime he earned all of the various awards possible from various organizations in the area of watercolors. He was also very helpful to students interested in learning the art of watercolor.

Georgia O’Keefe is one of the most well know female watercolor artists in our history. She was born in 1887 and died in 1986. Most of her watercolor work is simple yet very well done at the same time. She mainly painted people and landscapings. She was a modernist and she also painted some controversial nude paintings of women with watercolors. Many of them were in the form of a side angle in order to help them to be modest at the same time.

Watercolor Artists