Watch Your Own Psp Movies

Watch Your Own Psp Movies

PSP (PlayStation Portable) was released by Sony Computer Entertainment into the U.S. markets in 2005 as a full-service, handheld entertainment system capable of delivering most every media source in a single tiny portable device. Since that time Sony has recorded sales in excess of 31 million units worldwide. Technology in the entertainment field has grown exponentially in the past two decades.

Movies are made of higher digital quality, video games are of absolute higher quality, and music is received and shared much easier with the advent of higher technology, including the Internet. Now all this is available in the palm of your hand. PSP movies, music, photos, Internet access, other video sources, and games are all compatible with the PSP system. A memory stick accessory will help to facilitate or enhance many of these features available to users.

The PSP system is constructed with a standard widescreen high resolution LCD display and stereo speakers to enjoy these many forms of media. One of the greatest sources of media to enjoy on the go is PSP movies. These can be watched by either saving the movie to the memory stick from the Internet to play through the PSP, downloading through the wireless Internet connectivity option directly into the PSP, or through a pre-recorded UMD (Universal Media Disk) movie similar to a DVD. This allows users to watch movies on their handheld device 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and anywhere they may be.

Downloading through the PSP website is extremely simple and takes only a few clicks. Many free downloads are available from the website for viewing as well, which include game demos, game trailers, and movie trailers. UMD movies are available at most stores carrying electronics. Over 430 UMD titles are in current circulation, consisting of movies and television shows. Titles available include new movies, classics, and recent television hits. Some of the titles available in UMD are Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Ice Age 2, Gridiron Gang, Open Season, The Marine, Scarface, and the Family Guy to name only a few.

To enjoy the PSP movies available, many accessories would be helpful. Headphones allow users to listen to the movie comfortably while not disturbing others while in public spaces. A remote control comes with headphones for added control of the movie experience. Car adapters and AC adapters allow for unlimited viewing without the concern of the battery running out of charge during the movie.

With hundreds of PSP movies and television shows available for download and for purchase as a UMD, this is truly a major highlight of the PSP system. The ability to watch movies on the same system you can also manage photos with, play high resolution games with, and listen to music with all from your hands is astounding. Coupled with Sony’s constant upgrading of the PSP system, software and accessories, the titles will continue to grow as will the features and benefits of the PSP. And the popularity of the PSP will grow as quickly.