Vancouver film school

Vancouver film school

For those who want to become a professional in the entertainment or media industry at the shortest time, the Vancouver film school may be one of your options. Since 1987, the Vancouver film school offers one of the shortest but comprehensive programs for aspiring filmmakers, video game designers, and other possible careers within the realm of the entertainment and media industries.

Each one-year intensive program at the Vancouver film school is equivalent to four years at other film schools. They offer education that provides learning through theoretical instruction as well as hands-on training to its students. Although the programs at the Vancouver film school are relatively short, the latter has gained international recognition.

Among its notable faculty includes Larry Bafia (Head of the Animation program), the sequence Lead Animator for PDI/Dreamworks on such films like Antz and Batman & Robin, and a sequence Animation Supervisor for the movie Mission Impossible II. Other faculty members at the school have been part of projects that gained huge successes and won international awards. Two of the many notable alumni of the school are Chad Moffitt, Academy Award winner as animator for the blockbuster film “Lord of the Rings”, and Janelle Henderson, makeup artist for Pirates of the Caribbean 2. The latter graduated from the program Makeup for Film and Television.

Undergraduate students, who have completed a secondary education, or at least 19 years of age, may apply at the Vancouver film school. Aside from the projects, students learning will be stimulated by Vancouver’s entertainment culture, which is viable for upstart projects to be recognized in the mainstream. The city itself has a robust film, television, sound production, video games, design, and animation industries. Learning will also be much enhanced by the peaceful and beautiful state of the cosmopolitan.

The Vancouver film school offers programs for Foundation Visual Art and Design, Acting Essentials, Classical Animation, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Acting for Film and Television, Digital Character Animation, Digital Design, Entertainment Business Management, Film Production, Game Design, Makeup Design for Film and Television, Sound Design for Visual Media, Writing for Film, TV and Interactive Media, and Houdini Certification.

In the year 2007, the Vancouver film school celebrates its 20th anniversary and part of this celebration is the allocation of one million dollars worth of scholarship for the entire school year beginning August 2006 until June 2007. From six film students in its founding, the Vancouver film school now graduates more than 1100 students annually. You can visit their site for more information on the programs offered.

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