Using The Internet To Find A Tattoo Gallery

Using The Internet To Find A Tattoo Gallery

Having a tattoo is a big decision to make as it’s going to be permanent. You need to ask yourself certain questions beforehand:

– are you fully satisfied with the design?
– will you get bored with it in the future?
– will the tattoo still look good in twenty years time when (let’s face it) your body might have sagged ever so slightly?

The first step must be to take a preliminary look through various tattoo gallery photos. This is vital if you are uncertain as to what type of tattoo to get. As you browse through the tattoo designs, you’ll stir up many creative thoughts and ideas which might just take you down a slightly different avenue than you originally planned. This is good!

With this in mind, you then need to fire up your computer and search the internet. There are many thousands of websites that provide a tattoo gallery for you to browse through. Grab a coffee as this will take a considerable amount of time. Don’t be tempted to rush as you might miss potentially good ideas and designs. Remember, if you make a wrong decision, removing the tattoo at a later date is going to be painful and expensive. Get it right from the start.

Where should you look? Well, here are a few starting points that you might care to try…

1. Bullseye Tattoos

This company is famous across the globe and has a huge, varied collection of tattoo designs on their website. Their tattoo gallery collection contains many trendy and beautiful tattoos. You can sample the work of many artists amongst the thousands of original tattoo designs.

The real beauty of this site is that you can select a design that you like, print it out at home and then take it to your local tattoo shop. From there, your favourite local artist can use it as a template for your tattoo. Also, remember, that you can print out as many tattoos as you like and hold them against your skin to get a better idea as to what it might look like for real. It’s similar to those tattoo transfers you used to get as a kid!

This system also alleviates any unrest you might be feeling about having a tattoo done in the first place. If you’re happy with the design, you’ll feel happier when you visit the tattoo parlor.

2. Tattoodles

This website also has a tattoo gallery and they have a feature spot where they showcase the work of a different tattoo artist every week. You may find that you begin to enjoy the work of one, or a small number, of artists. This is no different to enjoying the work of a painter, sculptor or composer. Tattoos are, after all, works of art made for the body rather than for hanging on a wall!

So, use these websites as a starting point to fire up your imagination, but visit plenty of alternative sites as well so that you can compare the work of many different artists. Remember, “Variety is the spice of life,” and you need many varieties of tattoo before you can make an informed decision that you will be happy with for years to come.